Experiencing The Bed Theater is like laying in your bed in the center of a movie theater in perfect comfort.


The screen actually appears larger than a movie theater screen (see drawing #1 below), and the sound is better, because you are in the center of the sound. Head sets can make the sound even better, and you can watch TV without disturbing your partner. As shown in the perspective drawing, The Bed Theater makes an expensive sixty-inch flat screen on your bedroom wall, or even at the foot of your bed, look small by comparison. The other drawing and pictures below show that you can move this screen as you roll over in bed, so you are always in the perfect position for comfort and viewing. There is no better way to view a movie, watch TV or work on your computer. When not in use, the screen goes flat up against the wall getting it out of the way. When you want to watch a movie, TV, or work on your computer, you just swing it back in position.




In addition to being the best possible system, using The Bed Theater is also much more economical than buying a large flat screen. We recommend a 15 to 19 inch flat screen. One support arm can have a TV and Laptop (with optional keyboard support). You can have more than one support arm, so there is a place for your computer monitor or laptop, and an arm for your flat screen TV. It also makes the ultimate TV tray holder for eating in bed and desk. A handy reading light clamps on the arm. Using more than one arm, with head phones two people can watch different TV programs in the same bed.





The Bed Theater arm is only $99, $30 S&H.

The optional laptop keyboard/food tray/desk support is $25.








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Cords may be inside the tube; if no TV is mounted,

the bracket may be covered for aesthetics.